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Skies 2017 2nd place

List of Recent Publications

Skies On-Line Article 5 March 2018

No down time for Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum LINK

Skies On-Line Article 21 Feb 2018

Meeting of the DHC-1 Chipmunk demonstrators. LINK

Skies On-Line Article

Flying with the Canadian Harvard Aerobatic Team LINK

Skies Magazine Feb/Mar 2018

Select images to support articles. LINK

CWH Flightlines Jan/Feb 2018

DHC-1 Chipmunk photos to support article.

Birddog Assoc Magazine Nov.2017

Cover photo and feature images from a Canadian A2A shoot.

Skies On-Line Article

400 Flights Flown LINK

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum 2018 Calendar

Cover photo plus select images. LINK

Flightpath 2017 V29/No2

Blue Angels Heritage Flight at Thunder Over Michigan article

Skies Magazine Dec2017/Jan2018

2017 Photo Contest winner. 2nd place finish in General Aviation Category. LINK

Skies On-Line Article

Ontario flying museums take to the skies for Remembrance Day LINK

Skies On-Line Article

A 1939 RCAF Stinson HW-75 is reborn LINK

Flypast Nov 2017

Image to support Hawker Hurricane survivor article.

Skies On-Line Article

2017: A breakout year for Pete McLeod LINK

Airspeed 2017

Supporting images for the Canadian International Air Show Program

Flypast Oct 2017

Half page photo of CWH Lancaster  “Ruhr Express”

Memorial Flight Magazine

CWH Lancaster  “Ruhr Express” images to support article.

Skies On-Line Article

Windsor residents treated to U.S. Marine demo on Detroit River LINK

Red Tail Squadron Newsletter September 2017

Bernadette photo from Thunder Over Michigan 2017 LINK

Finnish Aviation Magazine

1 image to support an article on the Pietenpol Air Camper

CWH Flightlines Sept/Oct 2017

Centerfold image of the Lancaster marked as the “Ruhr Express”

Recreational Flyer Jan-Feb 2016

Cover photo and select images for Gyroplanes 101 article. LINK

Aeroplane September 2017

Cover photo and select images for feature article on the CWH Lancaster Ruhr Express.

Skies On-Line Article

Gathering of the Classics set for this weekend LINK

Flightpath Vol 29 #1

CWH Lancaster painted as Ruhr Express news article.

Flypast No.433

NATA Formation Flight Over Niagara Falls News Article

Skies July/Aug 2017

Cover photo and feature article images. Insight Lancaster photo. LINK

Skies On-Line Article

Air Force Day in Hamilton LINK

The Hamilton Spectator

Lancaster/Tall Ship Parade cover photo LINK

Skies On-Line Article

Flyfest; Take to the Skies in an Historic Aircraft LINK

EAA Sport Aerobatics

Cover photo and feature images on Larry Ernewein’s Bucker Jungmann

Skies On-Line Article

RCAF 16 Wing Borden celebrates 100th anniversary of RFCC LINK

Skies On-Line Article

Formation clinic hosted by Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum LINK

RCAF Today

Three images to support Vintage Wings of Canada article LINK

Skies On-Line Article

Canadians set to rock “Thunder Over Louisville” LINK

Skies On-Line Article

Image to support drone article on low flying ag aircraft. LINK

Skies On-Line Article

Image to support article on Canada’s aviation economy. LINK

Skies On-Line Article

Canada’s air force heritage proudly displayed across Ontario. LINK

Canadian Warplane Heritage Flightlines Mar/Apr2017

Feature article and two page image on the 419 Squadron Heritage Flight.

Skies On-Line Article

Image support for Canadian airline industry still flying high article

Airforce Revue Vol 40/No2

Two page article and images on 419 Squadron Heritage Flight. Two page photo to support a Great War Flying Museum article.

Michigan History Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

Cover image of Great War Flying Museum.

2017 Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum Calendar

Cover photo and selected images.

2017 Lancaster Calendar

Select images.

Flypast Special Issue Commemorating Bomber Command

Front cover photo and supporting images.

Flypast Oct 2016

Feature article on the Geneseo Airshow

Skies On-Line Article

Thunder Over London. Airshow London article LINK

Skies Aug/Sept 2016

Photo contest 3rd Place Winner in Airshow category. Select images to support articles. LINK

Skies On-Line Article

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum features commemorative aircraft

Airspeed 2016 CIAS Program

Select images.

Thunder Over Michigan Air Show Program 2016

Select feature images.

Skies On-Line Article

Edenvale Gathering of the Classics article LINK

CWHM Flightlines August 2016

Cover image of Lancaster FM-213 as “Lady Orchid”.

Flypast August 2016

News article on Jet Aircraft Museum Hawker Hunter

Qunite International Air Show 2016 Program

Select images

COPA Flight July 2016

Chris Hadfield cover photo and select images. LINK

Skies On-Line Article

Fly into the past LINK

Base Borden Airshow 2016 Program

Select images.

Royal International Air Tatoo Program

Image of Chipmunk s/n 11LINK

Skies On-Line Article

Busy day at Tillsonburg Airport LINK

Haynes Handley Page Halifax Owner's Workshop Manual

Select images of RCAF Museum Halifax LINK

Skies On-Line Article

Hawker Hunter T7 XL600 arrives in London, ON

RCAF Today 2016

Images to support article on 75 Years of the Air Cadets

COPA Fligh May 2016

Cover photo and article on Canadian Harvard Aerobatic Team practice. Article on George Neal’s passing.

Skies May/June 2016

Images for feature article “It’s Show Time”  and select images to support articles

Skies On-Line Article

 Image to support Remembering aviation legend George Neal article Link

COPA Flight April 2016

Harvard image to support article

Skies On-Line Article

Jet Jockey for a Day Link

Skies On-Line Article

CF-104 Starfighter presentation kicks off Waterloo aviation seminars Link

Skies On-Line Article

Get Ready for the 2016 airshow season link

COPA Flight Feb 2016

Image to support article on the Red Bull Air Race

Skies Jan/Feb 2016

Image to support article on 8 Wing Trenton

2016 Golden Age of Flight Wall Calendar

selected images Link

2016 Golden Age of Flight Desk Calendar

selected images Link

Flypast 2016

News features on the arrival of a F-100 at YAFM and Norseman for the CWHM.

Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association 2016 Calendar

Selected images

Ascend NBAA 2015 Program

Photos for the Height of Service article link

Skies On-Line Article

Remembrance Day Flight Over Woodstock link

Promo image

Jerry “Jive” Kirby’s Wild Blue Rodeo

Skies On-Line Article

Riveting 'Rosies' break world record link

CWH Flightlines Nov 2015

Feature images for Norseman article. Article & Images on CWH Hamilton Airshow.

Skies On-Line Article

New Wings for Canadian Warplane Heritage Museumlink

Skies On-Line Article

Canadian astronaut celebrates his 70th birthday link

Flypast October 2015

Two page layout on the 2015 Geneseo Airshow.

airspeed 2015 CIAS Program

Rear cover image of Military Aircraft Museum’s Spitfire

COPA Flight Sept 2015

Cover Image and feature article on Lysander photo flight

Skies On-Line Article

Time on the Tarmac at the 2015 Hamilton Airshowlink

COPA Flight August 2015

CHAA 30th Anniversary article.

Skies July/Aug 2015

Featured Facebook image

Skies On-Line article

Canadian Warplane Heritage Skyfest 2015 draws crowdslink

Flypast July 2015

Bata Electra news article

Dispersals May 2015

Cover & centrefold images link

Skies On-Line article

3Point: a place where pilots become aviators link

Skies On-Line article

Lockheed 10A Electra prepares for transatlantic crossing link

NATA Skylines April 2015

P-51 Mustang image to support feature article

Skies On-Line article

Canadian Historical Aircraft Associationlink

Skyways Magazine

Two page spread on the Tiger Boys E-2 and J-2 Cubs

Kalender der Stiftung Mayday für 2015

select images link

Ladd Gardner Aviation Insurance

NWOC add feature photo

Skies January/February

Selected images Link

COPA Flight January 2015

Cover photo

Flypast January 2015

News article on Murray Kot’s L-19 Bird Dog restoration


International Bird Dog Association News Letter Nov 2014 Images on Murray Kot’s L-19 restoration

Skies On-Line article on the International Test Pilot School’s UAV program Link

Skies 2015 Calendar Select images

Skies Nov\Dec 2014 Select images to support articles Link

Skies On-Line article about Murray Kot’s L-19 Bird Dog restoration Link

COPA Flight Nov 2014 Pictorial features from the Brantford Airshow and CIAS Media Days

Skies On-Line article Images to support article on Chartright Link

ROV Planet Issue 1 Images to support CHAA Dive Team article

COPA Flight Oct 2014 Cover photo and feature article on the Geneseo Airshow

Hangar Tales NWM News Letter Images and article on the Geneseo Airshow

Flypast Oct 2014 Two page article on the 2014 Geneseo Airshow.

Skies Sept/Oct 2014 Images for feature article on Chartright. Link

Skies On-line article Feature on upcoming Tiger Boys Open House at the Guelph Airpark. Link

2015 Golden Age of Flight Wall and Desk Calendar  Selected images Link

2015 Dawn of Jet Age Wall  Calendar  Selected images Link

Brantford Rotary Charity Airshow Program 2014 Selected images

CAF Red Tail  2014 Calendar Selected images

Flightpath Vol 26 No 1 Hamilton Airshow article & Gathering of Harvards supporting images

COPA Flight 2014 Gathering of Harvards and Heroes article

Canadian Aviator Sept\Oct 2014 Cover photo and feature images for Socata TBM article LINK

Skies On-line article Thursday Hamburgers and Hangar Talk at the Guelph Airpark

COPA Flight August 2014 Cover photo and feature article on the Canadian Warplane Heritage Father’s Day Weekend

Skies On-line article Images for Oshkosh article

Skies On-line article Geneseo: A great Canadian airshow in the Finger Lakes

Flypast August 2014 News article on the arrival of the new CWH DC-3 Dakota

Skies July \ August 2014 Images to support several articles including Oshkosh. Link

RCAF Air Force Magazine Summer 2014 Select images to support Edward P. Soye’s Harvard article.

COPA Flight Juy 2014 Articles on Canada’s new Boeing 787 Dreamliner & CWH’s new DC-3 arrival.

Canadian Skies On-line article Canadian Warplane Heritage BCATP Fly-In

Memorial Flight 2014 Spring Lancaster cover photo and select images to support articles.

COPA Flight June 2014 Images to support article on The Great War Flying Museum

Flightpath Vol. 25 No. 4. Lancaster news article. RCAF Museum article. Chipmunk article.

COPA Flight May 2014 CWH Flying Lancaster to England article.

Skies Magazine May/June 2014. Lancasters Unite article and images to support various articles.

Flug Revue May 2014 Two page photo spread featuring the CWH Avro Lancaster

Canadian Skies On Line article 2014 Canadian Airshow Preview Link

COPA Flight April 2014 Look to the Skies article. A review of the upcoming 2014 Airshow season.

Flypast May 2014 Lancaster cover photo and supporting images.

Sun N Fun 2014 Official Program. Selected images on page 15 Link

Flypast April 2014 Images to support several articles.

Canadian Skies On Line article Canadian Warplane Heritage will fly Lancaster to England Link

Canadian Skies Mar/Apr 2014 Images to support several articles Link

COPA Flight March 2014 Cover photo.

Flightpath Feb-Apr 2014 Images to support article on Hurricane C-FDNL.Link

Canadian Skies Jan/Feb 2014 Images to support articles.Link

COPA Flight January 2014 Cover Photo and images to support articles.

2013-14 Atlantic Canada International Airshow Calendar Several images to support calendar

Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association 2015 Calendar. Selected image.

Memorial Flight 2013 No.60. News article on the opening of the NAFMCmain display hall.

COPA Flight December 2013 Cover photo of Desmond Lightbody’s Pitts Special.

Flypast December 2013 Lancaster night run and Avro Arrow move articles.

Canadian Skies Nov/Dec 2013 Images supporting several articles. Link

COPA FlightNovember 2013 5K On The Runway, Lancaster Night Run, CASM Arrow move, Hawkefield Fly-In

Canadian Warplane Heritage 2014 Calendar. Select images

Dispersals 2nd TAF Bomber Association Magazine Centrespread image of B-25 “Panchito” night run. On-line version

Flypast November 2013 Full page article on the National Air Force Museum of Canada

EAA Warbirds Hamilton and Geneseo Airshow articles.

COPA Flight October 2013 Cover photo and article on the Canadian International Air Show

Klassiker der Luftfahrt Image of Me-109 White 14 to support article

Warbird Digest 50 Supporting images for Thunder Over Michigan article

Canadian Skies Sept/Oct 2013 Select images to support articles.

COPA Flight September 2013 Article and images on the last Dunnville Fly-In

Flypast September 2013 Centrespread and supporting images on the deHavilland Mosquito KA114

Chilliwack Flight Fest 2013 Airshow Program. Cover photo of Pete McLeod

COPA Flight August 2013 Cover photo and article on the Hamilton Air Show

CDN Photographer interview with Aviation Photojournalist Eric Dumigan

Geneseo Airshow 2013 Program Select images by Eric & Bernadette

Agriculture Aviation July Aug 2013 Select images of Dusty

AG Air Update July 2013 Cover photo and images to support article on Dusty

Canadian Skies July/August 2013 A2A images of the MAM Mosquito at the Hamilton Airshow

COPA Flight July 2013 Cover photo and feature coverage on the Waterloo Air Show

Warbird Digest 49 July/August 2013 Feature article on The Great War Flying Museum

2014 Mead Westvaco At A Glance Calendar Select images

2014 Jet Aircraft Museum Cash & Dream Flights Calendar Select images

2013 Waterloo Air Show Calendar Select images

Canadian Skies RCAF Today 2013 Stocky Edwards P-40 Kittyhawk image to support article Link

COPA Flight May 2013 Cover image, Article on the 2013 Airshow season, Bernadette’s article on female pilot exhibit at CWH.

Canadian Skies May/June 2013 Selected images to support several articles

Summum Girl May 2013 Select images to support an article on Wing Walker Carol Pilon

Flypast May 2013 Two page article on the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum.

COPA Flight April 2013 Cover and full page spread on the Spruce Creek Fly In Community Bonfire

Canadian Skies Mar/Apr 2013 Air Canada B-777 image to support article.

 Canadian Skies On Line Article by  Bernadette Canadian Warplane Heritage unveils exhibit dedicated to Canadian women pilots

Flypast April 2013 News article on the move of Lancaster FM213 and Swordfish image to support article

Flypast Airshow 2013 Selected images to support North American Airshow Schedule

In The Lightroom On-line interview with Eric Dumigan by Katie Orr Link

Warbird Digest #47 Images to support Edward P. Soye’s Harvard Hour of Power article. Editorial image. Link

Blackburn & Darwen Life Feb/Mar 2013 Feature photo for Darwen Spitfire Memorial article.

COPA Flight February 2013 News articles on the Vintage Aircraft Team’s Fokker D.VII project & Oshawa Airport development.

Canadian Skies Jan\Feb 2013 Selected images to support articles.

Flypast February 2013 News article on the Vintage Aircraft Team’s Fokker D.VII project

COPA Flight January 2013 Toronto Remembrance Day Flypast Pictorial

Flight Journal February 2013 Lancaster photo for editorial page

2013 Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association Calendar Select images

Golden Age of Flight Wall & Desk Calendar Selected images

MHM Publishing 2013 Planning Calendar Selected images

Canadian Skies Nov\Dec 2012 Selected images to support articles.

COPA Flight Nov 2012 Cover photo and Hawkefield Fly-In and CIAS coverage

EAA Warbirds October 2012 Three page article on the 2012 Hamilton Airshow.

Flug Revue Oct 2012 Two page image of the CWH Lysander.

Dornier Do 27 2013 Calendar October image

COPA Flight Oct 2012 Cover photo and article on Orillia Lake St. John Splash-In

Waterloo Airshow Calendar 2013 Selected photos.

Flypast October 2012 Geneseo Airshow coverage

Canadian Skies Sept/Oct 2012 Cover photo. Feature photo of Rimowa JU 52 formation flight and selected images.

COPA Flight September 2012 Borden Airshow and Kawartha Lakes Fly-In coverage.

Dornier 27 2013 Calendar October photos link

Flypast September 2012 Hamilton 40th Anniversary Airshow coverage

COPA Flight Aug 2012 Cover photo, Hamilton Airshow and Waterloo Airshow coverage.

Flypast August 2012 News article on John Sims Slingsby restoration

Canadian Skies July/Aug 2012 Feature A2A image of CWH Lancaster in formation with B-29 “FIFI at the 2012 Hamilton Airshow.

COPA Flight July 2012 Cover photo and articles on Waterloo Aviation Day & VWoC Formation Camp.

Canadian Aviator July/Aug 2012 Cover and feature images on Pete McLeod.

Mead At-A-Glance 2013 Calendar Select images

Hamilton Airshow Program 2012 Select images

RCAF Today 2012 (Canadian Skies) Select images to support articles

Waterloo Airshow Calendar 2013 Select images

COPA Flight June 2012 Cover photo and feature on COPA Flight 101/Kawartha Lakes Flying Club

Flypast June 2012 News article on restorations at the National Air Force Museum of Canada

Canadian Military Feb 2012 Selected images to support an article on Stocky Edwards

Canadian Skies May/June 2012 Select images for B-787 YYZ visit and Snowbirds article. Link

World Airshow News March/April 2012 Snowbird Flight feature article.

Flypast 2012 Airshow Guide P-51 “Never Miss” image.

Canadian Aviator Mar/Apr 2012 Cover photo and feature article images for Richard Pittet’s Lessons Learned article

Canadian Skies Mar/Apr 2012 Selected images to support an article by Robert Erdos Link

Flug Revue March 2012 Two page air-to-air feature photo of the Canadian Warplane Heritage Fairey Firefly.

The Vimy Expeditions book by Peter McMillian. Featuring several of Eric’s images from the Vimy’s Toronto visit. 

COPA Flight February 2012 Article and photos on the ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital visit to Toronto

ROAR of the Harvard Dec 2012 Selected images from 2011

Canadian Skies Jan/Feb 2012 Selected images to support articles. Link

EAA Warbirds December 2011 Four page feature on Thunder Over Michigan

COPA Flight January 2012 Several images used in the COPA Gold Club Member section

Flypast January 2012 News article on TBM restoration at Valiant Air Command Museum

Fighter Aircraft Issue 25 Air-to-air image of Swordfish HS554 to support the special on the Fairey Swordfish. 

COPA Flight December 2011 Cover photo, article on CHAA’s Wings & Wheels event, images to support 5KOn the Runway article.

Golden Age of Flight Wall and Desk Calendar 2012 Selected images

Flypast Dec 2011 News article on the opening of the Air Force Heritage Park at Summerside, PEI

Canadian Skies Nov/Dec 2011 Selected images to support several articles. Link

COPA Flight November 2011 Cover photo of Kurtis Arnold’s Cessna 195. Feature article on Windsor International Airshow and The Tiger Boys Fly-In.

Canadian Aviator Nov\Dec 2011 Cover photo and images for feature article on Aerobatics in Ontario

EAA Warbirds October 2011 Four page article on the 2011 Hamilton Airshow

Flypast October 2011 Full-page index photo. Two page spread on Geneseo Airshow. Two page spread on Thunder Over Michigan

COPA Flight October 2011 Cover photo and feature article on the Atlantic Canada International Airshow

Canadian Skies Premier Issue Selected images Link

Brooklin Town Crier Sept 9 2011 Cover image of Snowbirds for their flight over the Captain Michael VandenBos School in Whitby.

Aviation History November 2011 Image to support article on Fairchild Aviation.

INK Magazine Fall 2011 Selected images to support article on the Connecticut Corsair Project

2011 Canadian International Airshow Program Photo of performer Rick Volker

COPA Flight September 2011 Cover image and coverage from the Great Lakes International Airshow. Oshawa Airport Open House coverage. Image to support an Aerobatic article from Mike Trygvasson.

Summerside, PEI Journal Pioneer Saturday, August, 27, 2011 Cover image to support  article on the 2011 Atlantic Canada International Airshow at Summerside, PEI

Roam Travel Magazine Spring & Summer 2011 Several images to support a four page article covering airshows in Ontario.

COPA Flight August 2011 Cover shot and three pages of Hamilton Aishow coverage

Thunder Over Michigan 2011 Airshow Program Selected images.

Canadian Aviator Jul/Aug 2011 Cover image. Half page coverage on Canadian Aviation Expo & Wings & Wheels Heritage Festival. Four page article on Vintage Wings of Canada’s Corsair Ground school.

Warbird Digest Issue 37 Half page article on the Jet Aircraft Museum’s Mako Shark T-33

COPA Flight July 2011 Front page image. Feature articles on Connecticut Wings & Wheels and Toronto Wings & Wheels Heritage Festival

Hamilton Airshow 2011 Program Selected images

COPA Flight June 2011 Front Cover image and article on the 2011 Canadian Aviation Expo

Classic Wings Issue 79 Richard Dumigan photo of Me 163B-1a Komet at St. Jean, Quebec taken in the early 1960s.

Panshanger Aerodrome flyer to promote the 65th Anniversary of the Chipmunk.

COPA Flight May 2001 One image in Horizon section.

Classic Wings Issue 78 Book review of AIRIC Airshow Review 2010

Canadian Aviator Mar/Apr 2011 Cover shot of Viper North’s MiG 15

Vintage Wings of Canada’ 2011 Calendar Selected images

JR PROPO 2011 Aircraft Calendar All images in calendar JR PROPO website

Cockpit Das Schweizer Luftahrt December 2010 Selected Me-109 images to support article.

CHAA Calendar 2011 Selected images for the 2011 Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association Calendar

COPA Flight Decemeber 2010 Soaring to New Heights article by Bernadette. Selected images to support two articles.

ROAR of the Harvard 2010 #3 Selected images of the Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association

COPA Flight November 2010 Centrespread feature on the Tiger Boys Fly-In at Guelph.

EAA Warbirds October 2010 Full page image supporting an article by Mike Raftus on the Geneseo Airshow

Flypast November 2010 News article and image on restored Travel Air Mystery Ship at Oshawa Ontario

Aircraft October 2010 News photo from Oshkosh and supporting images from Thunder Over Michigan

COPA Flight October 2010 Oshkosh coverage and cover image.

Warbird Digest 32 Selected images for two articles.

EAA Warbirds September 2010 Cover photo of Russell Aircraft Group’s Fighters. Supporting images for three articles.

Flypast October 2010 VWoC Warbird University article and images. Article and images from Oshkosh 2010.

Canadian Aviator Sept/Oct 2010 Supporting photos for Porter Airlines article

COPA Flight September 2010 Centre spread featuring images and text on the Battle of Britain Airshow at Midland.

Flypast September 2010 News article on CHAA’s Yale 3399 Inaugural flight

Battle of Britain 2010 Program Selected images in the airshow program

Canadian Aviator July/Aug 2010 One image to support an article on the Gathering of Classics at Edenvale

COPA Flight July 2010 Two page article and photos on the CASM’s Wings & Wheels Heritage Festival 2010

ROAR of the Harvard June 2010 Selected images used.

COPA Flight June 2010 Cover photo of Snowbirds, Snowbirds article, supporting images for other articles.

Canadian Aviator May/June 2010 Images for Wings and Wheels article and Canadian Aviation Expo article.

Canadian Aviation Historical Society Journal Winter 2009 Selected images on rear cover from CFB Trenton

COPA Flight April 2010 Cover photo and 2 articles. Orillia Ski-In and York Soaring.

Aircraft Magazine March 2010 Selected photos to support article on Vintage Wings of Canada

Flights of Adventure Book Selected photos of Canadian Wingwalker Carol Pilon Link

Garage Magazine No.21 Photos to support an article on Canadian Wing Walker Carol Pilon.

COPA Flight February 2010 Cover Photo for Piper Cherokee article

Canadian Aviator Jan/Feb 2010 Cover photo and feature images on Winter Flying article by Dave Hadfield called Snow Chasing.

Aircraft Magazine December 2009 News photo of Stocky Edwards in the VWoC Kittyhawk over Ottawa

COPA Flight January 2010 Cover photo and article on a A2A sortie with a Fairchild 24 and Nanchang CJ-6

Warbird Depot 2010 Warbird Calendar Selected Images.

2010 Golden Age of Flight Calendars Selected photos in three different calendars.

EAA Warbirds December 2009 Photos to support Mike Raftus article on Geneseo Airshow 2009.

Mosquito Flypast Special Selected images.

Flypast December 2009 Lancaster centre-spread and supporting images for Lancaster feature.

Classic Wings Issue 72 Thunder Over Michigan article with photos News photo of Vintage Wings of Canada’s P-40 Kitty Hawk

Canadian Aviator Nov/Dec 2009 Cover photo and selected images from the 2009 airshow season

COPA Flight November 2009 Cover A2A photo of Stocky Edwards in VWoC’s P-40 Kittyhawk Selected photos for Pete McLeod article Feature article on Brampton Flying Club Fly-In Feature article on Vintage Wings of Canada’s Open House Feature article on Brantford Charity Airshow Feature article on Windsor International Airshow

COPA Flight October 2009 Cover A2A photo of Brian Stanton’s Stinson 108 Feature article on the Orillia Splash-In/Fly-In Feature article on the Gathering of the Classics Feature article Canadian Across the border Geneseo and Thunder Over Michigan Selected images

Airforce Magazine Summer 2009 Cover photo of the CFB Trenton Gates Flypast Selected images for two articles.

Comox Valley Record 2009 9 23 Cover photo of Stocky Edward in the VWoC Kittyhawk.

DHC-1 Chipmunk Book Selected Chipmunk images. Preview the book here

CAHS Journal Summer 2009 Selected images from Richard Dumigan

Flypast October 2009 Lancaster image for feature article Article and photo on the Edenvale Classic Gathering

COPA Flight September 2009 St. Thomas Airshow Coverage Fort Drum Airshow Coverage CFB Trenton Airshow Coverage

Canadian Aviator Sept/Oct 2009 Feature photos from the Windsor Red Bull Air Races from Eric & Bernadette

Flypast September 2009 Feature photos on American Airpower Museum News coverage on CFB Trenton Airshow & Museum Geneseo 2009 Airshow coverage

Flypast August 2009 News Article on CF-5 mounted at Downsview

COPA Flight August 2009 Cover photo from Red Bull Air Races and First A-380 Airbus to land at YYZ Bernadette’s feature Red Bull Article

Thunder Over Michigan 2009 Program Selected images.

Geneseo 2009 Program Cover photo and selected images.

Canadian Aviator Jul/Aug 09 Cover photo and feature images of Wingwalker Carol Pilon One news image from the Canadian Aviation Expo

COPA Flight July 2009 Feature article and images of the Wings & Wheels Heritage Festival

Aeroplane 2009 Photo of Bob Baranaskas and P-40 Warhawk

COPA Flight June 2009 Cover and feature article images on the Canadian Aviation Expo Feature article on Eric’s new book called Canadian Wings

Canadian Aviator May/Jun 2009 CWH Lancaster cover Photo

Flypast May 2009 News article on the National Air Force Museum of Canada. News article on FW-190 Black 3 heading to Europe.

COPA Flight April 2009 Cover and feature article on the Orillia Ski-In. Article on spotting at CYKZ Buttonville, ON.

Canadian Aviator Mar/Apr 2009 Canadian Aviation Expo article

The Moth Club No 145 Hornet Moth & George Neal images

Brooklin Town Crier 2009 1 9 Selected family images

Flypast Hurricane Salute One selected image

Classic Wings Issue 67 Selected images on Canadian BoB Flight

CHAA News Letter Selected images

1941 HAG Newsletter Sept 2008 Selected images from the 2008 Airshow

Aeroplane December 2008 Selected photos and article on Canadian BoB Flight

Flypast January 2009 News article on George Neal and TAM

COPA Flight December 2008 Cover story and National Helicopter Open House

COPA Flight November 2008 Vintage Wings of Canada Open House article Classic Air Rallye Article

COPA Flight October 2008 Gathering of Classics and Thunder Over Michigan articles

Toronto Aerospace Museum Newsletter Cover photo on the summer newsletter

Mead Wesvaco 2009 Planes Calendar Selected images

Mead Westvaco 2009 Trains Calendar Selected images

Canadian Aviator Fall 2008 Cover photo and news article from Red Bull Air Races

Flypast October 2008 Thunder Over Michigan Article & P-51B photos

Air Classics Vol 44 # 10 One Harvard image to support an article

Airspeed 2008 CIAS Program Selected images

COPA Flight September 2008 Cover and centrespread feature on the Geneseo Airshow

Flypast September 2008 News article on Corporate Aircraft Restorations

Thunder Over Michigan Program 2008 Selected image

EAA Warbirds June 2008 Centrespread photo of a CHAA Harvard

COPA Flight August 2008 Article and Photos from the Canadian Aviation Expo

CHAA 2009 Calendar Selected photos

Geneseo Program 2008 Cover Photo

Canadian Aviator July/Aug 2008 Wings and Wheels Heritage Article

COPA Flight July 2008 Red Bull Air Race Photos / Lachute Fly In Article

Canadian Aviator May/June 2008 Cover and Feature Photos CCAF Moth

Aeroplane Monthly February 2008 VwoC Images

The Moth No 142 Fox Moth & Tiger Moth Images

Golden Age Of Flight 2008 Calendar Images in Desk & Wall Calendar

Flypast January 2008 Rhinebeck Article

CHAA 2008 Calendar Selected Images

COPA Flight December 2008 TAM Replica Arrow Images

Flypast December 2007 Tiger Boys article

COPA Flight November 2007 Tiger Boys Article / Shooting the Skyhawks Team

Air Enthusiasts Sept/Oct 2007 Beaver Gathering article

COPA Flight October 2007 Classic Air Rallye article / Thunder Over Niagara article

Airspeed Program 2007 Selected Images

Geneseo Program 2007 Selected images

COPA Flight September 2007 Geneseo article / CCAF Fly In article

COPA Flight August 2007 CWH Flyfest article

COPA Flight July 2007 Beaver Gathering article

Plein Vol January 2007 TAM Arrow images

COPA Flight April 2007 Selected GWFM images

Airforce Winter 2006/2007 VwoC P-51 Cover image

First photos published was in Flypast 1988


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